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This page is about the "Wireless ADB Listener" application, the optional desktop counterpart of the "Wireless ADB" application available on the Android Market. If you are looking for the "Wireless ADB" application itself, visit the Android Market instead.


There is no installation package, just a ZIP file. Extract the EXE to a folder and run it. The application will start as a tray icon (double click to open the window). If you want the application to start automatically on boot, place it (or a shortcut to it) in the startup menu folder.

Once the application is running, it can receive the broadcast events from the Wireless ADB application, so it knows where on the network to find your device. Once the application receives such an event, it will by default popup a window asking you if you want to connect with this device. If you choose to connect, the application will prepare ADB so you can connect wirelessly to the device. Once a device is known to the application, you can configure it to either always make the connection, never make the connection, or prompt you when a connection is possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Wireless ADB application on the Android device only broadcasts its information once per wireless session! You should have the listener application running before the Android device switches to wireless mode.

You can download the "Wireless ADB Listener" application by clicking this link.

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